2K-Video, Sound, Colour, 29 min, 2024


A curator, an archivist, an art dealer, a relative: in staged situations, four people discuss their relationship to an artist who, by means of a fictionalised biography, has impersonated a Holocaust victim.


Funded by

Kunststiftung NRW, Programm "Junge Szene"


filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf

Cast & Crew

Script, Direction, Production, Edit: Marian Mayland
DOP: Linda Schefferski, Christian Scholz
Sound: Klöfkorn/Gavois, Björn Castillano
Cast: Kerstin Agger, Wolfgang Riehm, Petra Mott, Dieter Rita Scholl
Production assistant: Stefan Ramirez Perez
Direction assistant: Benjamin Ramirez Perez
Lighting: Lukas Soboll
Makeup: Fiona Diago
Sound Design and Mixing: Tom Blankenberg
Colorgrading: Fabiana Cardalda
Based on Interviews with: Matthias Kordes, Hans-Jürgen Schwalm, Ferdinand Ullrich, Christian Walda and one additional person