Dunkelfeld (Dark Figure)

FHD-Video, 17 min, Sound, Colour, 2020

Installation view, Resisting permance - Regionale 22, 2021. La Kunsthalle Mulhouse, FR

a film by Ole-Kristian Heyer, Patrick Lohse and Marian Mayland
commissioned by Initiative DU 26. August 1984


In August 1984 a house inhabited by migrant workers was burnt down in Duisburg, killing seven members of a family. While the police immediately ruled out racism as a reason, the survivors continue to doubt that it was a coincidence that their house was set on fire.



Festivals, Exhibitions and Screenings

nominated for the prize of the German Film Critics Association

International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2020

Hiding Our Faces Like a Dancing Wind, Schau_Raum im Museum fuer Neue Kunst, Freiburg 2020
Forensic Architecture, Yazan Khalili, Ole-Kristian Heyer, Patrick Lohse und Marian Mayland. curated by Didem Yazıcı

blicke. filmfestival des Ruhrgebiets 2020 (award of the main competition)

Kurzfilmfestival Köln 2020

Unabhängiges FilmFest Osnabrück 2020

Kein „Einzelfall“. Rechtsradikale Realitäten in Deutschland. Kampnagel, Hamburg 2021
Mogniss H. Abdallah and Ken Fero, Vivet Alevi und Ulrike Hemberger, Cana Bilir-Meier, Ole-Kristian Heyer, Patrick Lohse und Marian Mayland, Katharina Kohl, Suat Ögüt and Hito Steyerl. Curated by Jens Geiger

Resisting Permanence. Regionale 22, La Kunsthalle Mulhouse, 2021
Kaya & Blank Collective, Ruth Baettig, Anuk Jovovic, Marian Mayland, Mariana Murcia, Guillaume Barth. Curated by Chantal Molleur

The truth is elsewhere. Regionale 21, Kunsthaus L6, Freiburg, 2021
Hamza Badran, Jürgen Buchinger, Lynne Kouassi, Maeline Li, Marian Mayland, Ole-Kristian Heyer & Patrik Lohse, Emeka Udemba and Sophie Yerly. Curated by Samuel Dangel

Filmfest Dresden 2021 (out of competition)

Von hier. Filme als Archive der Migrationsgesellschaft DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, 2021

#saytheirnames: Migrantische Selbstermächtigung in Almanya filmforum NRW, 2021

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